This squad is for student and adult athletes who want to take their skills to the next level. This program will help you reach your goals, push through plateaus and perform at your best ever. This training squad includes:

One, two or three sessions per week with students just like you – looking to get better at their sport and overall athletic skills, including agility, strength and movement-based training.

Sport-specific strength and movement training to increase personal success on and off the field.

Optional access to the custom Rob OG Kean smartphone app that provides specialized diets that will help you gain muscle and size that will help your athletic performance.

Custom in-home and off-season workouts for days when you’re not working with the group.

Weekly coaching call (through Facebook Live).

If you are a coach of a high school or college sports team, contact us for a personalized program and pricing.


Ready to train in your sport? Contact Rob Kean’s Body Shop at 616.239.1575, or email us by clicking “Contact Us” below. Scholarships for this program are available.